When Mr. Clarke thought about the church, he did so in terms of the clergy and also their work in the church. We may call him a “clericalism”; that is, one who assumes that just the priest does the work of the church. This suggestion is the basis of clericalism, the condition which saps the stamina of the church due to the fact that one part of the body, the ordained preacher, is made to do the work of the remainder of the body, the unordained members.

In the conversation, Mr. Gates complained about this idea, and also appropriately so, for it results in clergy that is worn and also irritated. Certainly, they locate it difficult to do all that requires to be done. As well as yet the concept has a covert appeal for much of them. For it feeds their specialist satisfaction and also arrogance. But the damage done by this condition does not stop there. It also produces church people that slouch, who feel that the church comes from the clergy, and that are not themselves instruments whereby God operates in the world. God is avoided doing what He would do for them, due to the fact that He can not do through the clergy what He would certainly do through the whole of His church.

Clericalism obstructs the ministry of the church.

Due to the fact that it has a tendency to make ordinary members second-class citizens who feel inexperienced. On issues of religious beliefs. When the blessed member makes spiritual interpretation and also activity his specialist syndicate. The ordinary member reacts by displaying boosting ignorance and inexperience. 토토커뮤니티

Sometimes it appears as if laypeople show less knowledge in the church than in their world. It is as though the technique of religion had a stupefying effect on them, whereas in other locations of living they are smart, educated, and also observant. This clericalizing of the church’s ministry produces in ordinary participants the feeling that religion is separate from life. They are heard to state to their priests, “You stick to religion and also leave the affairs of the globe to us.” Religion thus becomes a Sunday organization, as well as Sunday service, is maintained differently from weekday organization.